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☆ Interstellar Rescuer Application

Name: Avie
Contact: [personal profile] aviekokyre, [plurk.com profile] aviekokyre, aviekokyre (gmail, AIM)
Other Characters: Ivan Karelin @ [personal profile] sponsorigami

Character Name: Agent 3 (real name: Nory)
Age: 14
Species: Inkling
Canon: Splatoon
Canon Point: Post Single Player Game and pre Past vs Future (before the most recent NA Splatfest is held), leading her own Squid Squad by the name of Bomb Rush Rush but mostly doing Turf Wars with them.
Character Info: Agent 3 with NA region perspective (opposed to JPN or EU regions)

Agent 3 is young for someone getting mixed up in Octarian invasions, Zapfish kidnappings, and now intergalatic kidnappings and brainwashing. At 14 years of age (the age Inklings can first assume humanoid form), she has the naivety of, well, a kid. She's easily swept up into the current around her. Her recruitment into the New Squidbeak Splatoon was because an old Inkling liked the look in her eyes, and she didn't say anything to refuse helping. Agent 3 doesn't realize how different things will be in another world, and she thinks her Ink Battling skills will easily transfer over to this new mission. They won't.

She can get very emotional over winning or losing, waving her weapon in the air or pounding the ground. However, this outburst is short lived because it's soon onto the next battle. Agent 3 may get more fired up over her choice and team for Splatfests, but she won't go as far as to disrespect the other team. If some squids are having a "Squid Party" (a bunch of squids fooling around instead of participating in the battle), she'll let them be or even join in. After all, winning or losing isn't that big of a deal when one has fought Octarian forces. She's motivating towards others. She cheers on the newbies to the Ink Battles and her own squad. She'll even go as far as to go easy on newer squids. 

However, that doesn't mean she can be taken advantage of or is wishy washy in her commitment to a cause. She stepped up to the challenge of fighting the Octarians and has no regrets about doing so. The Zapfish needed to be rescued, and she learned that the Octarians aren't so bad. She'll do things no one else will do like get on the tower or go for the Rainmaker (both dangerous things to do as it makes one the main target) all to progress the goal. She'll take the hit for the sake of her team and allowing them to push forward. Agent 3 is used to being on the front lines and putting herself into danger. Lacking her respawn ability, this puts her in great risk.

Like many Inklings, Agent 3 has a passion for fashion. She wants to own the freshest gear, which gives her some shallowness and vanity. For example, her normal gear used is picked for looks first and then abilities second. Even if something has great abilities, if she doesn't like how it looks on her, then she'll pass it over.

Overall, Agent 3 is a positive character who is upfront with how she feels. Despite seeming like she has boundless energy... she doesn't like waking up early in the morning. It's an Inkling thing.

Chosen Powers: 30 MP: moderate power regain: the ability to change into a squid and ink based physiology.

To help understand what powers are regained, a quick understand of Inklings is needed. An Inkling is made out of ink. They are liquid based creatures. Because of this form, this gives them the ability to change from humanoid to squid along with "disappearing" into their own colorful ink. As a squid, they can fall between grates, do a jet powered squid jump, and hide in their own ink, which also refills their ink tanks. As an Inkling (humanoid), they can also jump (though not as high as a super jump), shoot weapons, run, and stay fresh will great looking gear.

Being made of ink also gives them the weakness to water. Inklings can only swim in their own color ink. Falling into water will cause them to dissolve and need to respawn. Walking in enemy ink slows them down and hurts them. Absorbing too much of enemy ink (ink of a different color) will cause them to explode in that color and need to respawn. Respawning returns the Inkling to a respawn point unharmed, though there is a delay between being splatted and respawning.

Powers Regained
  • Ink based physiology
  • Ability to turn into a squid
  • Swimming through ink and grates
  • Refill ink while submerged in ink

Powers Not Regained
  • Super Jump
  • Respawning

Chosen Equipment: 30 MP: Hero Shot Replica

She'll be bringing along the Hero Shot Replica to complete her Hero Suit ensemble. It allows her to shoot ink stored in the tank on her back (and refilled when submerged in ink) and throw Burst Bombs, which are basically water balloons filled with ink. The special is Burst Bomb Rush that allows her to throw many Burst Bombs for a brief period of time. She will be able to swim in the ink placed down.

This has limited usefulness in a world that doesn't have ink based beings. The ink will not hurt anyone and will disappear after some time has past. She may be able to temporarily blind people or annoy and distract people. However, her choice of weapon will amount to being like a kid joining a gun fight with a squirt gun. The main benefit will be allowing Agent 3 to move quickly and refill ink. And causing fashion enthusiasts to cry when they think their clothes are stained by ink

Relevant Skills:
  • shooting accuracy
  • agility: running/swimming speed, jumping
  • throwing bombs
  • WOOMY!

Character Goals: Agent 3 is used to going on rescue missions. She went to rescue the Zapfish and the Great Zapfish from the Octarians, and she knows her way around a battlefield... even if it's different than what most are used to. If the Squid Sisters or any other Splatoon based bands and NPCs are taken, then she'll be rescuing them. If no one from her world has been taken, then she'll fight to stop them from doing so. Music has a certain power in her world, and she can't imagine Inkopolis without it. She has also see how music can control the Octolings, so she'll want to end that as well. Stopping the likes of Pride and Virgo (and anyone else like them) is simply the right thing to do.

She also wanted to see and meet humans. Time traveling to the past is awesome!

Writing Sample:
TDM: with Mammon
TDM: with Agent J
TDM: with Riku

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