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☆ Interstellar Activity and Summary


It all started with a strange dream where Agent 3 met Kirby. She was very confused and wary of the Dream Fountain. The dream felt so real, but it wasn't like anything she had seen before. Mater Riku recruited Agent 3. He explained what was happening and how they would get to Terra. Agent 3 found herself part of an interdimensional rescue mission. Mammon was there to help her start seeing how different things could be, although she remained cheerful and hopeful. She wasn't the only agent on board either.


The rescuers touched down on Terra January 19th. Agent 3 had no idea what she was getting herself into. However, she was ready to get started and wasn't afraid. She reunited with Kirby early on. At the first stash point, Agent 3 donned on various fresh gear to help hide her Inkling appearance, mostly the tentacles. She also helped out her fellow rescuers. Namine picked out something all in white. 3 had ideas for something brighter. Agent 3 wanted to make sure Master Riku didn't forget a hat. She also had to get used to calling him "Rick" instead.

They made it to the warehouse where Gold and Silver were waiting. Agent 3 was given an ID card saying her name was "Emma Skidd." She claimed her turf for the night and went around talking to people. Riza questioned her name, but 3 couldn't figure out if there was any meaning to it. They also discussed what would happen next, breaking up into groups, and chain of command. Gold gave her some hot chocolate. She accepted eagerly and asked for marshmallows, which he gave. She promised him that she'd make him a really good s'more as soon as she got the chance. She practiced a little minimal ink movement and landed in front of Wii Fit Trainer. Wii Fit was a little strange, but most people were strange to Agent 3. Lamenting the quiet, she started humming "Maritime Memory" near Agent J.

She ended up living in an apartment with Agent J, Agent Nevada Sparks, and Agent Signless. Most likely, she claimed the couch.

Starting January 26, the rescuer network started getting used. Kuroko tried to contact the other rescuers for a place to stay. 3 had a little trouble at first because she put her earpiece on upside down, but she figured it out. Agent 3 started to explore on January 29. Her talk earlier with Mammon had her thinking about Vista City's power sources and if they could be used for the rescuer's advantage, and the library was her starting point for research. On her way to the library, she was barreled into by Usagi. She tried to confirm that Usagi (Serena) was a rescuer like herself, but she lacked a good code for doing so. Though she went to investigate power sources, Agent 3 got distracted by a Great Zapfish looking creature in a tabloid. She talked to Riza (Liz) about power sources and learned that she was trying to rescue Roy Mustang. A ship was born.

January 24th, Agent 3 only knew one musician at the charity festival, Roy Mustang. (OOC: Fuzzy/mixed timeline due to the change of date for the concert and ghost event.) She ended up scoring some Roy merch that she happily gave to Riza. January 30th had a few more network check in. Frisk asked if anyone needed anything. Agent 3 was still looking for work and having some trouble because of her age. They continued talking and started to put together a plan on continued contact and meeting other rescuers. Wii Fit Trainer was looking for a personal training certificate. Agent 3 tried to do her best to help answer all the questions she had.


Early February Agent 3 was able to help with finances. She found work at an arcade. With an income, she started to visit other places like Sweet Dream Cafe. She spent time in the apartment listening to music with J. February 3rd Bagels Bongo got some more advertising for their Rainbow Bagel. (Tabloid) Agent 3 thought they were very cool.

Mammon had concerns about listening to music that the captured musicians played and asked about it on Febrary 4th. February 7th Usagi ran into trouble with some Garnet fans. So, Agent 3 went to help... and discovered that her ink didn't hurt people.

Shep told them that many of the bodyguards and managers were robots. Trying to think of some strategy, 3 asked if the robots would sink in water. When Gold talked about musical energy and power, 3 realized that her cutting the power idea wouldn't work. She also made up with Usagi. Truthfully, Agent 3 was at a lost at how she could help, but Minako tried to help her. 3 saw Mammon and decided to talk to them. Usagi tried to find out what everyone could do, so Agent 3 talked about her powers though she neglected to talk about how she could change from kid to a squid.

Test Drive

More dream walking happened. Amethyst was staring at nothing on a couch when Agent 3 Super Jumped in. 3 was more than happy to meet up with Roy again. She more easily talked about who she really was. Things got really weird when she happened to cross paths with Yzma. She thought she was ancient creature. And Dazai didn't seem like he wanted to help out. However, once they started making sea puns, they got along well.


March 2nd Agent 3 called everyone in a panic. The ocean was going crazy!

March 7th Usagi told everyone that Kirby was missing.

March 9th Amethyst made it to Vista City.

Oscar asked for assistance.

March 11th

With Gold's suggestion and help, Agent 3 went to take part in a fairy tale themed game show. Many of the kidnapped were going to be the Royals. She would be a Hero. Or she was attempting to be chosen for the show.

At least Agent 3 wasn't the only one who didn't know the stories. Riza didn't either.

March 18th

Agent 3 was pleased to get her Super Jump back. While she may forget to use it in an Ink Battle, she wouldn't forget it here. It was good to find out about it before her part in the attack of Xie An.

March 21st Agent 3 was very cheerful before her challenge. There were so many colorful costumes, and everything was so exciting. Kuroko thought so. She helped Lapis out when she needed some time to herself. Robin's costume caused a little fight between designers, so she lent her opinion on the matter.

However, her challenge to save Finnick placed her over mortal peril.


Press Start Arcade and Laser Tag saw a boost in business after Agent 3 appeared on Fairy Trials. 3 got promoted to work in the team lobbies after they learned just how good she was at laser tag. She liked Mai's clothing choice.

Lapis also started staying at her apartment.

April 4th Agent 3 met a friend in a random cafe she walked into.

April 10th Robin contacted the rescuers by the network to see if they knew which musicians to look out for.

April 18th-21st Agent 3 was visited by Octavio and given the promise of strength at a later time. However, Rarity was shaken up by her visit. 3 tried to help her mood as they were now roommates.


May 1st-5th Agent 3 wondered why Hype Week seemed to be completely overboard.

She was more worried about J when he came in looking completely defeated.

After Lapis stopped coming to the apartment, she and Connie went looking for her.

May 5th, J asked for help, and 3 gave it her all.

May 7th, some new rescuers arrived, so Agent 3 went to welcome some of them.

May 18th, ever trying to find ways to save the musicians, 3 tried asking Greg Universe for tips.

Lapis came back, and Agent 3 tried to make amends by giving her a sea slug plush.


May 25th - June 17th Agent 3 traveled with the rest of the rescuers to Moscow by Shep's ship to be there for the headliner festival. She talked to Sugawara.

At Moscow, she also ran into Finnick.

June 17th, she helped rescue the musicians. She fought beside Yamamoto. After the fight, she checked in with Mai.

Late June, 3 found herself mysteriously asleep and in a dreamscape with Mammon.

Late June/August?
Agent 3 started shooting ink in hope of creating enough distraction and interrupt Lesedi's concert.

Agent 3 used her boon and moral boost to break others out. She also tried to wake up Roy.

Agent 3 Permanent AC